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At the trailer launch of her latest movie, Bhumi served up some serious bling in her embellished H&M suit and Prada sandals. I am all for an oversized silhouette but the proportions to me didn’t quite work when there’s already so much going on with color, sparkles and heels. I’d have swapped the mini with a pair of sharp cigarette pants and called it a day, but that’s me. Tell us what you think!

Bhumi Pednekar At Govinda Naam Mera Trailer Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I like baggy tops, t-shirts and sweaters, but when it comes to blazers, a big no. Unless one is tall enough like Deepika or Sonam, I don’t think oversized anti-fit blazer look ok on anyone. Case here, it seems the blazer is engulfing Bhumi. Also, not liking her ‘makeup’ in latest appearances.

  2. This is so straight from Rheas wardrobe..the overly oversized blazer. Rhea wouldve likely paired an overly oversized dhola dhola trouser, but Bhumi probably put her foot…(or legs down) and opted for a mini. Either ways it doesn’t translate well at all. Not one teeny bit, despite the interesting color.

  3. Bhumi already had a terrible sense of fashion and she acks style and now she has fallen on the hands of Ms Kapoor!! I can’t understand how can a person not have a basic sense what suits their body type and have a style even after all the years in a fashion-driven industry!

      • Thanks, I wasn’t aware but my point is, how can she not have a basic style and not know what suits her body? Is she that clueless or dumb to not see what she is wearing or she blindly trusts all these ‘stylists’. I am sure she has all the resources in hand to see, read, go through costume, dress trials and realise what she looks best in. I don’t remember seeing her in one good look.

        Also, sorry about so many typos in the above comment!

  4. I think Bhumi has decided to switch her aesthetic to Insta/TikTok Kardashian inspired style and her stylists have nothing to do with it. This is her personal style and they work around it.

  5. The color looks lovely on her. And it stops at that.

    This looks like she has on an oversized plastic raincoat over whatever she is wearing.

    The structure and size of the jacket, the shoes – nothing is working.


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