Yin And Yang

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Two similar looks with waist-high slit tunics paired with pants/denims. And that’s where all similarity came to a screeching, screeching halt.

Everything about Ms. Mohapatra’s look was a disaster. Those shoes!!! As for the leggy model (Bhavna), she’d make a potato sack look good.

(That’s a Prashant Verma tunic on Bhavna.)


Left: Sona Mohapatra At ‘Peepli Live’ Music Launch
Center And Right: Bhavna Sharma At Mens Fashion Week Press Meet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • I was totally thinking the same. It looks very Pakistani minus the long slit on the side (and the fact that it’s Western-wear).

      True story about Bhavna, I don’t think I’d like this outfit on most people (though those pants seem a little amiss, even on her).

  1. i like bhavna’s look very much. it’s new. and i really like sona’s tunic but i dont think it goes with those jeans and shoes???
    hi, im loving ur blog. following it from yesterday.

  2. Sona Mohapatra colours and crazy combinations are possibly appropriate for the kind of Desi songs she sings and Peepli Live is set in the rural villages afterall . Musicians should be seen outside of the same generic set of fashion glasses .

  3. @Khadija, there is nothing Pakistani about her style. They do not wear strapless dresses over pants in Pakistan. PERIOD.

    Bhavna looks great. The other one got it wrong.

  4. Sona could have had the boots out instead of having the denims covering them . This way they look terrible . Shes an eclectic dresser though ..like her music . These colours in sync with her voice in Bahara ..I hate Love stories..

  5. Sonas a bit of a unusual dresser . This outfit kind of raw and grungy . works for her music and personality id think. Should have worn denims with broader bottoms and those shoes ought to be replaced . Other one seems to be having a bad har day.

  6. This is just a bad picture of Sona. Bad angle . Bad lighting . Bad posture . Seen others of the same event in the papers and she looks totally cool , folksy , grungy … awesome !

  7. the bag sona is carrying is also being features in the new parachute ad…..actually i was wondering whn the model sported such an unusal bag


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