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Spotted Nandita Mahtani at the unveiling of Lakme Fashion Week’s designers and sponsors. And while she was as usual impeccably turned out, it was hard not to notice the Bottega Veneta Cabat that she was carrying that almost made us skip a beat!

Its no secret we love the Birkin but a close second is Bottega Veneta for its sophisticated, understated, timeless appeal, and it always surprises me when I see people carry the over-logo’fied junk out there over the more understated yet way more chic choices. Both Payal and I own Bottegas (not the Cabat though, but it sure is on our wish list!) and don’t think we ever, ever get tired of them!

Buy The Cabat Via Bottega Veneta


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  1. I totally agree.. Bottega V over LV/Gucci any time!!!…. but I’m still in the hoping phase.. hoping that I will get one one day!!

  2. Sarah,

    Assuming you are talking about collecting designer bags, I would start with bags that are classics rather than trendy. Start with classic shapes, a tote, a more medium sized bag, a clutch, get the shapes right, whatever it is that works for you and then tackle the colors. I would say start with black, dark or chocolate brown and a white bag. Should take you through the seasons. However, look at your own wardrobe, what colors you tend to wear more often and then make a call accordingly. The brands really depend on your budget but once again assuming you are talking about collecting designers, I would steer away from the ‘it’ bags from labels and anything that is splashed with logos all over. Also when picking a bag think of its appeal a couple of seasons down, can you use it now, tuck it away and take it out a couple of seasons from now and still be able to use it?

    Bags are a fun extension of your personality and help you do all that you can’t do with your wardrobe alone, so remember to not take it all too seriously and just have fun with it!

    I have a tri-compartment tote in iron and Payal has a tote in black.

    Let us know when you start off your collection and with what…
    Happy Shopping!

  3. Thats Nandita for you!!! Always dressed immaculately with the right dose of accessories. I have know her personally and she always manages to stand out of a crowd. You rock girl!! More power to you..

  4. Priyanka, that was great advice about starting bag collection. I have actually a question for you guys, i am looking to buy a clutch and am hoping that it’d be fun, funky and great! I can’t afford the guccis and bottegas because everyone has them and they are so expensive..! I will be in u.s in the next few weeks am looking to get something in the exotics, big trend but under 300$, can you plz hep? plz plz plz? i am 22 and want something fun and that which gets noticed. plz help.


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