Bad Hair Days…


    They do exist and you should feel very happy in knowing that even the best of us have them on a very regular basis. Take me for example, my hair gets oily by the end of the day. I will wake up the next day and no matter what I try, my hair doesnt want to listen to me! Now there are lots of hair products out there that will get me the look I want. But, the truth of the matter is, that I am very possesive of my hair and stay away from any artificial product that “claims” that it can get my hair to go from flat to full in 2 seconds! The only other fix, is to wash my hair every day, but that adds a full 15 minutes to my getting ready for work. Anyone who knows me also knows that I am not a morning person (my morning starts only around noon). I rather use those 15 minutes to get some more ZZZZZZs..(preferably dreaming of some greek hunk whisking me away to some paradise island!)

    Now, for all you ladies that agree with how blissful those extra 15 mins of ZZZZZZs are, you are going to like my quickfix for a bad hair day..

    Recently, I picked up this wide band hairband and boy, life has been so much easier ever since. The wide band covers quite a bit of my hair and the shiny look distracts from the actual oily hair underneath, instantly giving a cool look, than a frazzled one! I found it at Forever21 for only $1.80.

    Buy via Forever21

    Another alternative is this flexible tortoise-look headband for people who prefer browns. I really like its cutout details and it retails for $9.

    Buy via Spiegel

    Now I found these online too, but tell me… would you ever wear this “Turban” head wrap??

    Buy via Intuition

    or buy these LV hairclips for $230??

    Buy via ELuxury

    Ms. Well Heeled.. I think I just tagged you on FaceBook as “the most likely to wear those clips above”!! HAH!


    1. I wear headbands sometimes, and I love to wear little clips in my hair. I have fine hair, so I can’t wear any heavy barrettes. They fall right out of my hair.
      I wear my hair short, and it’s fairly easy to style each day. I wash it every other day, and the off day is the day to grab the headband or clips!! :-)
      I’d kill for thick, gorgeous hair, but it just isn’t in my genes.


    2. bad bad idea for a person rapidly balding. alright not rapidly but quite alarmingly.
      no escapin the 60 min hair care routine every mornin, I guess.
      interestin taste, though.




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