Bad Girl Wannabe?

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Esha is probably trying to shake off that good girl image she has been garnering.

At the ‘Phir Wahi Sham Betiyon Ke Nam’ hosted by FICCI (FLO) Ladies organization at NCPA, she showed up wearing an Ed Hardy T with boot cut denims. Alas, this look is still not helping her cause. The whole look is so mismatched. The bootcut denim screams formal but also is too short. The Ed Hardy T’s low round neckline is too casual. The hair is having its own identity crisis! The girl’s just totally missed the mark.


On an aside, if I showed up at a formal event dressed like that, my “Ma” would have given me an earful! LOL!

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  1. its shocking to see how can someone go so wrong and that too somelike this who has to pepped up…evn in our normal lives we cannot commit such a dressing disaster…lol..


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