Election Style: The Birdie That Voted


Jaya’s smirk makes us think that the Bachchans sure did give us ‘the bird’ on purpose… :P

You can check out who did it the right way and who did not, inside!

P.S. This post was just in jest! Go easy on the comments! ;) And we hope you all voted too!

P.P.S If you don’t know what ‘the bird’ is, go here.


Those who got it right…
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And those who didn’t!
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Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. umm ok….it looks weird. This is not something a fmaily should be doing together but it would have been something else if Jaya had done it lol. ANyway…I dont know if they meant to do that. THey are pretty dignified. Maybe they were tired of the media. WHo knows?? Well…Ash looks nice :)

  2. For sure they were given it to the media. Funny to see Ash flipping someone off. lol. She looks pretty.
    And Abhishek looks like he really means it! haha.

  3. Big B reminds me of Mr. Bean…in how Mr. Bean found it intriguing in his movie, and so Big B looks cute! ash looks pretty, obviously, and yeah Junior AB does look like he means it!

    overall, i have to say its a very cute family pic, ut thats after ignoring the ‘finger’

  4. Haha! The Bachchans SO know what they’re doing – their smirks say it all ;) abhi by the way, is looking GOOOOD! what’s his secret?

  5. hahahahah this needs to be blown up and framed in their house. What a sight.

    Btw, I noticed it in Neetu’s picture… when you vote in India do you use your fingerprint (specifically your middle one) or something? Pardon the ignoranceee

  6. @ Bachans- Back to you :P
    and yeah at shakti kapoor and Raza murad too!

    saira banoo and dilip kumar look the cutest though flashin it… i think they barely know what it means..lol

  7. I think its quite tongue in cheek. Probably the only time the Bachchan (excluding Jaya) family has done something politically incorrect even if its only in jest (ok half jest;)

    On an aside, just out of curiosity – does anyone know why the EC changed the marked finger from the index to the middle?

  8. The Bacchans have always had a love-hate relationship with politics,media….. I guess thay are giving what they receive… maybe!!

  9. @ Nida- People in India use electronic voting machines. Prior to voting machines voters used to mark their ballots with a rubber stamp on the symbol of their candidate..thank you for your interest!

    On an aside, I love the election coverage on HHC

  10. there’s aishwarya wearing the same white top again – the one Jiah wore to the independence event! as for the the vote finger… how sad! Losers!

  11. Does anyone else feel the relief on their faces…… to officially be able to do what they wanted to for ages???!! Poor Jaya… doesn’t know which way to look!!!

  12. OK the sadist in me is wishing that this happened unintentionally and then they are horrified to see the pictures :P (yeah I realize that the chances of that are l-o-w!)

  13. LoL! i found that soooo funny, and so what if they flipped their finger? i mean, this time, they actually can ;) LoL

    btw, i dont get the posts where it’s like, “those that got it right, and those that didn’t”…do u mean, it terms of fashion? :S

  14. So inappropriate..even if done in jest..and the way they are smirking its definitely intentional. giving the finger to the world..so unlike the bachans. so disappointed

  15. I love the picture…finally something refershing and in jest – we indians take ourselves too seriously most of the times and yes I am INDIAN too

  16. I think it’s funny at first (that is the Bachchan’s pictures) .. but seeing someone like Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar flipping the bird is so unnecessary.

  17. I think its funny…..and the credit must go to the EC who are suddenly making the dot on the middle finger instead of the index finger….LOL glad to see they’ve got a sense of humor!! Come to think of it, who gets the birdie is a question full of suspense, as the nation will only know so once the result of the elections are out!!! I can see the humor there…..

  18. why is that in all the pics featuring the B-clan, ash is always standing/sitting/leaning against Big B rather than Beta B ?whose wife is she anyway?

  19. Weird how they didn’t ink us on our middle fingers in UP! We were marked on our index fingers. I’m just wondering if this is a celeb thing or all Mumbai voters were inked like that…

  20. I can’t believe some people are being uptight about this. C’mon guys, it’s supposed to be amusing. Life’s not that serious, geez.

  21. Ok ,ill choose to come back to our main topic “FASHION”,……….WELL THIS IS ONE FAMILY WICH synchronises the dress color all the time…………….i mean ,u dnt always need to luk lik “WE R ONE FAMILY”………”MATCHING MATCHING”

  22. This is hilarious to me. It’s nice to see them lighten up…even though I’m pretty sure Abhishek’s got ulterior motives for flipping his bird….lmbo!

  23. @suzie, KD, viz and all you others who find this inappropriate, what is wrong with this picture???!!! It’s funny, and if anything, extremely warm – it’s the first picture where they are all genuinely smiling as many have pointed out! LOVE it!

  24. Cmon Guys !
    I totally love this pic!
    and im glad its being taken in the right spirit..reading all the comments above!

    A lot of other actors did it too…including John… Srk..and many more…

    I think its funny

  25. What a sea change in Aishwarya who used to take great pains to be ‘proper’ and come across as the good girl. I guess she feels she can get away with a lot more now that she is a Bachchan.

  26. @ sheebz and Nick, ranbirs sporting a beard for an upcoming movie called ‘Rajneeti’ where he plays a sardar

    @ Anu, i totally agree, this is the first time the Bachchans are letting their hair down and having some fun, usually they all look like plastic dolls on display =P

  27. its difficult to comment, as it is a bit odd… however people who know the power of the birde could have been more responsible as it does look a bit offensive !

  28. I think this is hysterical! Some of you here need to lighten up a little. Bad idea of whoever decided to have the ink put on the middle finger.

  29. It’s really not a big deal, the inking is done on the middle finger, the press wants to see it, so the celebs show it – some choose to show their whole hand, some choose to show just the required finger. It’s another matter that in some cultures the middle finger is a rude gesture. I’m pretty sure though, that everyone knows what the gesture means, even Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu – these are not ignorant people. It’s just odd to see Amitabh and Aishwarya do it, since it’s contrary to their dignified image.

  30. brilliant comment Nadia on the first one..and Charan after – hilarious! and Nida..

    and personally, I dont like it..I think its rude, and there’s nothing funny or least bit comical about it to me…and I am not being uptight, thats just what I think. my opinion.

  31. oh and whats worse than seeing Yash Chopra and Amitabh Bachchan flipping the bird? Dilip Kumar and Saira Bano…disgusting is what I think it is

  32. @Kashish, I would give Dilip Kumar the benefit of doubt. I think Saira and Dilip are too old and cute to give a bird to anyone. They are like my great Gandpa/Gandma…

  33. if they were here and they did that then they would be rushed!!! and yes..i dont find it funny!!! this is such a loserish act!! how sad and ppl talk about the BACHCHAN’S as if they are i dont know what!!!

  34. Seriously! These guys need to get that the obvious is not always cool… It’s so much cooler (and dignified) to go beyond what would be expected amd come up with your own version, either Sonam, Aamir and SRK’s full hand salaam, or Sonakshi’s two fingered salute…

  35. Btw, The middle finger was inked this time as parts of the country has already voted and had their index finger inked so the election officials didnt wanted to create some difference between the sections of polling states… My guess is that the next phase of polling states will have their ring fingers inked… Just our luck to get the middle finger :-)

  36. It is funny actually. It is time to lighten up.

    The reason why it is middle finger in Mumbai/Maharastra is because there was Muncipal election in some places recently maybe a month or so back, so some people might still have the ink on their index finger. To avoid any confusion and any forgery voting, they decided to ink the index finger.

  37. i thought i could let it slide…but can’t. the bachchan family for all their “political correctness” and talk of wanting to respect people’s sentiments have failed miserably at just that. you can see the cheeky grins on ash’s and abhishek’s face to know that they think it is very funny flipping the bird. that is all well and fine, but when it pertains to the elections it is plain disrespectful to the whole democratic process of voting. I can understand when the older people hold up their middle finger since they might not know that they are inadvertently flipping the bird, but the younger lot who are fully aware of what holding up the middle finger means do it…it is just a tad bit crass. loooove how kids like sonam kapoor and the sinha kids hold up either their whole hand or the v sign.
    pls tell the bachchans to get over themselves before they get more fan hate coming their way!! seriously seriously offended!!!!

  38. oh for chrissake – lets lighten up. its just a mark on the finger. its not as though not flipping the bird makes us better citizens and voters. despite the 9/11 attacks, half of mumbai didnt vote – and we should appreciate those who did and can still crack a smile

  39. Wow..Its so easy to comment on HHC abt the “politically incorrect” gesture of the Bachchans when am sure majority of them wouldn’t have even stepped out of their house to vote! As the mad momma said “lighten up” guys!

  40. The Bachans look fab together, all in white essemble, But flaunting their mid finger this way is a sure NO – NO….!!! Disgusting…….!!!!They should learn from SRK how to hold up their hand….


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