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Love the color on Raveena!! Can you imagine how fabulous that top would have looked with a pair of black tights? Or if she had to wear denim, wish she went with a darker one! With the lighter denim, the impact of the top is lost and Raveena looks just about all right!

While on denim, love Mehar’s shimmery metallic kurti paired with her light denims, so ‘dressed up-yet not-summery’!

Raveena Tandon
Mehar Bhasin

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  1. OMG….Raveena’s hair and make up has improved quite a lot!!!! We should cheer her on that….and whilst black would’ve looked better…this is still awesome for her!! LoL

  2. I am not impressed by either outfits, they are both blah. Raveena looks great in purple though. I would’ve preferred her top as a dress with metallic shoes and her hair up. She has such a pretty face.

  3. Light! Blue…Jeans…night…out…

    uh 2 words: HELL NO.

    Seriously, who other than 13 year old middle school girls wears blue jeans these days? Unless, they’re skinny or boot legs…why would these women make such a faux pas…and Raveena..is that a metallic turtle neck?! Whatever it is..it’s hideous.

    I don’t know how you guys found this even slight alright..let alone worth “kudos”. Ew.

    still, Nadia’s right- Raveena is pretty.

  4. Emma…
    Kudos because she has been dressing rather dull lately…atleast she is trying to step it up.
    Blue jeans is not that bad after all…okay lets be honest…doesn’t Mehar look absolytely comfortable and stylish at the same time?

  5. that meher bhasin chick (don’t know what she does or who she is) looks like a poor man’s Ali Larter in that photo

    i don’t like either of the look

  6. Raveena is looking better. I’m not really sure about that purple top being fashionable. Dosen’t it look slightly like something that *could* be Barney’s slutty prom dress? On a side note, I’ve met Raveena in person at a Macy’s and she’s pretty down to earth and normal.

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