These leading men all opted for bow-tie looks at the Hello! Hall Of Fame Awards but of the three, we were only liking two.

Ayushmann’s tailcoat jacket was a risky move but one that we don’t think paid off. Agree/Disagree?

Left: Ayushmann Khurrana in SS Homme and Camessi
Center: Vicky Kaushal in Amaare Couture and Tisa Studio
Right: Ranveer Singh in Gaurav Gupta

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Ranveer is as usual trying too hard. The novelty has long worn off.
    Ayushman looks just fabulous… like a pucca British Sahib

    • At this point at think he just like things a little OTT and it isn’t about ‘trying’. It’s just who he is.. and I don’t mind it one but. He is pretty much the only male Bollywood celebrity who keeps it interesting ?????

  2. Ayushman looks like he’s wearing a costume leftover from Downton Abbey’s men’s formal wear wardrobe. I don’t think he’s pulling it quite off.

  3. Vicky Kaushal any day. The other two look like clowns. Also, shoes without socks turn me off almost the same as flip-flops in public. So I am repulsed just looking at Ranveer Singh.

  4. ayushman for his suave self.. and yeah ranveer for the classy different, but pls give up this trend of doing great shoes without sock! looks yuck.

    • He must be wearing those loafer socks…. Its definitely yuck if he’s wearing shoes without socks – especially in a hot country

      • Toe socks don’t help.. n I’m not interested in his feet hygiene reasons. It’s just ugly to be so well suited n turn up with loafer shoes..without socks. It just ruins the look.

  5. Vicky Kaushal for the win but next time please try tying your bow tie, this one looks like a clip on. Nope at Ranveer… done and dusted and please stop with the chintz window drape style floral mens jackets and put on some visible socks man! Ayushyaman, there is no rabbit in your hat.


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