Ayesha Maxi(mized)!

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Ayesha’s worn Maxi dresses to two back to back events and while the black one was way better, we suggest she move away from ones that are too high-necked.. They just make her look way too top heavy and am sure a talented actress like her rather let her work do the talking than other things..if you know what I mean.. 😉

“De Taali” Promotional Event
“De Taali” Music Launch


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  1. I agree with you guys!! The black one makes her seem too plump and top-heavy. The white one, in comparison, looks better on her.. I heard that she doesn’t believe in wearing clothes with a lot of skin showing, so I guess she would be wearing maxi dresses while they are in vogue.

  2. love the fact tht she is a modest girl which sets her apart from every other chic in the b-wood. she is soo pretty n just so cuteee

  3. salzie, i agree, shes really cute and modest, if you see her interviews she comes across as v natural and easy going , love her for that !

  4. I agree, she looks great waist down with the black one and collar bone up with the grey one.
    I think she needs to learn how to dress her body

  5. Nice outfits, I like them both but however she should do something with her hair style. Its not trendy and above all is not in her favour

  6. I have no problems with her sense of style as it reflects her personality. She has turned down so many roles because she didn’t want to wear the skimpy outfits and kiss on screen (the God awful Neal n’ Nikki being one). She tries to be covered and trendy but it doesn’t work for her all the time because of her extremely top heavy size!

    Perhaps she should start to tie up her hair. It will emphasize her best feature: her face.

  7. Nosh,

    Ayesha has always been top heavy. The movie Tarzan and all her other films.

    Plus the two music videos she did when she was like 15 or 16.

  8. I DON’T LIKE BOTH.. and the way she fits into them…..

    The balck not at all…. acctually i like the white one but don’t recommend it for her


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