Wearing One’s Own

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Rosettes. Rosettes. Rosettes.

You know by now we are pretty iffy on rosettes and so of course, we are pretty iffy on these outfits spotted on Ms. Depala.

I can see how the pants or the vest might work editorially but they do nothing for us off the runway! Having said that though, we’ve still got to give props to Ayesha for making those pants and the vest (good lord, especially those pants) look understated (well, as understated as a pair of pants with rosettes and studs can look); on anyone else it would’ve been one major cringe-fest!

Who are we kidding, the pants do make us cringe! 🙂


Left: Ayesha Depala At A Charity Event
Right: Ayesha Depala, Chivas Fashion Tour


Left: Ayesha Depala At Valentino Store Opening
Right: Ayesha Depala, Chivas Fashion Tour

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  1. I hate the white vest with the rosettes on, that’s just plain WRONG! But somehow ayesha works the black pants… i think she makes the outfit as a whole look quite avant-gard (is that spelt right?) with the muted white top and no accesorries… i like ayesha depala. But i agree – anyone else would’ve murdered this outfit!

  2. guess noone bought the pants. so she wore them herself. i hate them
    i dont mind the top though. she does look really uncomfortable in the blue pumps

  3. Hey I didnt know being a fashion designer meant stamping rosetts on regular pants and charge arms and legs for em’……learnt something new today:)

  4. I love how feminine she is…she’s edgy in her own way 🙂
    The pants are …hard, but the top is gorgeous, I love the whole look

  5. I agree, I dont really like the clothes but kudos to her for carrying it off the way she does, on anyone else it would ahve been an instant whTTEY. Love the blue pumps BTW

  6. I love her shoes in both pictures – who are they by??? Hate the pants top combo mostly because I just hate those pants .. and as for the rosette white top she needs to lose it because it looks ridonculous! And she should also do something to her hair.

    Except the shoes.

  7. The shirt is nice. the pants hideous. It takes a brave person to wear that. You gotta have a certain edgy feel to wearing something like that, which she lacks.

  8. very avant garde!What a refreshing change from these boring dresses we see on HHC,diff pants 2 pull off,but she totally manages!hats off 2 her


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