Doing Black And Red


Have you had this happen to you? You make an effort to plan out your outfit for the night out and when you get there, you bump into someone wearing something similar. ( Or worse: the exact same outfit!) That’s what happened at the launch of ‘Tote’ where Avantika and Sameera both gave us the black dress with red pumps look. While pairing a black dress with red shoes isn’t quite rocket science, wonder if these two ladies were a lil’ bummed at the sight of the other. :P

Minus Avantika’s hair, we think both look quite fab. What say you?


Avantika Malik and Sameera Reddy at ‘Tote’ Club Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. i think 2 people wearing a lbd to the same party is certainly not unexpected but yeah, pairing it with the red shoes was kind of the similar part..their dresses are very different styles and they wear them with different accessories so it doesn’t look like they’re duplicates of each other..i do prefer Sameera’s look since she looks very relaxed and confident..




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