In ASOS And Zara

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In an ASOS dress and a Zara jacket, Avantika put in an appearance at the recent event. Side-swept hair and a metallic clutch completed her look. It was however the addition of Surendri By Yogesh Chaudhary earrings and belt that brought the look home. She looked great!

(But, are those nudes pumps? Let’s just pretend we didn’t see that.)

Avantika Malik At WIFT Event Felicitating National Award Winners In ASOS And ZARA

Avantika Malik At WIFT Event Felicitating National Award Winners

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Everything on paper sounds good and high-fashion but sometimes u have to keep ur body type in mind and then pick it pieces. In this case the structured shoulders make her look short, wide n she loses the length of her neck. Wearing her hair up wudve helped add some height but as such I don’t think this is her look.

  2. The incorporation of the jacket is nice, but it’s not doing her a lot of favours. The shoulders and the length need to go. Otherwise, how awesome does she look? Love the lips and the hair.

  3. She looks great!! Someone previously commented that Avantika looks short.. well, she IS short. NOt everyone is skinny and tall. and I think this look is perfect for her body type.

    • Well….excuse the grammar I should’ve said short-errrrrr.
      Fashion is about highlighting your positives n here the width is making her look shorter than she already is.
      No one is asking her to be tall n skinny but if I were short, I’d definitely try not to look wider.
      I hope this made it clear.

    • You’re right. She is short and it is not a big deal but she often makes poor clothing choices for her height. But this one is refreshing. She looks good.

  4. I would imagine that conventional (sartorial) wisdom would dictate that if a person is short, stocky and does not have a long neck then they would not crowd the area with hair, 80s style padded shoulders and oversized earings.

  5. well she is short and not really thin.. but ppl need to stop throwing brickbats at her.. i think she looks mighty fine here.. i would take her anyday over thin tall girls like ameesha patel wearing ugly skinmpy clothes..

  6. I think she looks good — would’be looked great if she’d lost that jacket. This is the way she needs to dress — in single-colour or small-printed column dresses with waist-cinching belts, either grazing the floor, like here, or just stopping short of her knee.

  7. I think she looks good after a very long time though i wished she never wore the blazer..i love her lipstick shade. you shouldn’t cropped Imran 🙁


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