In Hervé Léger

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Another day, another Hervé Léger. Y a w n.

Avanti Birla At HDIL Couture Week 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Oh geez…here’s a lesson on how to make an expensive dress look cheap….

    It looks like she bought the necklace and got the dress for free….

  2. Don’t dig the hair, don’t dig the shoes and above all don’t dig the dress which looks like it is being held together with huge straps or ribbon or something.

  3. I think the dress is SO ugly. I mean I know you’re rich and stuff but even that doesn’t warrant buying dresses like that.
    Dresses like these are made for Eurotrash, we should respect that.

  4. OMG- avanti birla just reached a whole new level of fugly! the godawful dress with the necklace to match? really? the dress wasn’t enough of a citrus explosion? then, the shoes!! sacrilege…enuf said!!

  5. ewwww….uglyyy!!!! the hair, the ugly shoes, not to forget the nail polish everything is so trashy….how come she dint make it to WTHEYY??!

  6. I’m glad I saw this post and another post on Nanditha Mahtani. They made me rethink my plans of colouring my hair.
    I’ve decided against it now. So then, natural it is!! 🙂


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