Clutching It Right

When we first saw Alka Yagnik with the very funky, kitschy Bellissima Beatrice Paparazzi clutch, we loved the clutch but wished she had paired that with a simpler plain tunic instead of a busy one! And looks like she took the cue… Maybe next time, she’d take it a step further and contrast it with a lighter tunic so that the colors on that clutch pop?

At Aditya Narayan’s Birthday Do

At Arjun Rampal’s Birthday Do


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The Lust List: September Edition

bgx06ak_mn.jpg bgb0s5c_mn.jpg

Left: Giuseppe Zanotti Jeweled Fish Sandal
Right: RM by Roland Mouret Pigalle Dress

seecl2019516398_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831179240.jpg karen2014224995_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831194797.jpg

Left: See By Chloe Animalia Frog Keychain
Right: Karen Zambos Vintage Couture Bella Dress

33957_fr_l.jpg 33929_in_l.jpg

Left: Alexander McQueen ‘God Save McQueen’ Scarf
Right: Marc By Marc Jacobs Crazy Bow Hairband

romanek3.jpg lanvin-t-strap-glads.jpg

Left: B. Romanek Caiman “Rockstar” Clutch
Right: Lanvin Studded T-Strap

13365.jpg 6086.jpg

Left: Textured Disc Necklace
Right: Onyx Indian Necklace

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On An Aside

With regard to recent slew of comments and about certain comments getting approved and others not….

We get a lot of comments, almost all very opinionated but few very unpleasant. We cringe when we read comments about certain ‘celebs’ giving off vibes as being skanky. A look may be skanky, calling a person s***ty isn’t okay! Or when declarations are made about living off of wealthy husbands, not cool either!

Or when rants happen about fat arms, ‘tonds’ and weight issues. There is ‘too thin’ and ‘need to get thin’ rant. And then people wonder why there are such weight related anxieties among the women today… You can comment on/about clothes that are on the wrong body type but making comments on the body type itself isn’t pleasant. Declaring their faces as ‘ugly’ isn’t cool either. Shoes, yes. Faces, no.

We don’t quite get the elitist type of comments either that declare for instance, they don’t care what Nandita Das wears because she is so intelligent/intellectual/smart etc. I doubt any other actress is less smart/accomplished because she chooses to do commercial cinema or dress in a glam’ed up outfit…

Also, since a lot of Bollywood celebs are featured on the site, it is easy to play into gossip but lets not.

Finally, no one is questioning the kind of people all these celebrities/socialites are. Am sure most of them are fun/sweet/intelligent/charismatic and other such superlatives in their own way… Neither do we know all of them personally, therefore are always careful never to pass judgement on their personal lives, personalities etc in our posts unless unwittingly done… But this IS a fashion blog and so judgement will be passed on the superficial, as trivial as that may be.

Judgement will be passed on fashion and style, good or bad, not on people, their professions or personalities but purely on what they chose to be in the moment they were photographed.

High Heel. High drama.


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Kahkashan Patel
Left: At Anna Singh Store Launch
Right: At ‘Hello’ Music Launch

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Fab Or Drab?

For us, its a definite ‘drab’! The color does nothing for Ms. Panag and that lip color is jarring (with that outfit).


Gul Panag At ‘Hello’ Music Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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