The Chic And The Eeeeeew!- Part Deux

Across continents, around the same time, for each of their events, they both paired black tops with printed skirts, and broke the mostly monochromatic look with shoes that delivered a vivid pop of color!

Of course, while Lisa’s outfit was a perfect 10, Neha failed to deliver. And how. Its as if she took ‘Acid Factory’ to be an indicative of the theme to dress in. How else can one explain that skirt?

Lisa Snowdon
Neha Bhasin

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More Of That – Part Deux

The reign of “terrible-pants-and-tacky-clothes” continues…

If one pair wasn’t enough, Ms. Verma owns another pair of strange and ghastly trousers! I’d ask, why-oh-why, but why waste my breath!!?

Feb 08
May 08

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The Chic And The Eeeeeew!

As great as Dia looked in her LBD paired with a red patent skinny belt, one just couldn’t take their eyes off of Shibani and her bizarre metallic dress.

What was that strange detailing on Shibani’s waist? One of the worst metallic dresses I have seen in the longest time. And all those lights and camera flashes aren’t helping her cause either. Disaster.

Dia Mirza
Shibani Kashyap


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Drum Roll Please…

We asked and you all answered. A lot of you. And bless your souls, they were all, almost correct! (Yay!)

The answers:

Pic 1: Katrina In JPG (January 25th, 2008) or Katrina (Un) Covered (January 26th, 2008) (either entry accepted)
Pic 2: Found: Neetu’s Tunic (April 2nd, 2008)
Pic 3: An Interview: Suhani Pittie (January 23rd, 2008)
Pic 4: Bag Chic!! (March 20th, 2008)

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

And now, for the two lucky winners!

From USA: Prashanti Narayan
From India: Mamta Naidu

Congratulations!! Please email us with your contact details.

And for the rest, we are sorry, but then there is always that next time…


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Round Two

Shivani Wazir continues her romance with the ‘kamar-bandh’ but this time thankfully chose to wear her blouse under the sari and not over it unlike the last time we spotted her… one less monstrosity to deal with, and hey, minor miracles do count!

March 08
May 08

Tarun Tahiliani Spring 08

She seems to be attempting to channel the Tarun Tahiliani runway look, but going by her latest appearance, can’t call that a success by any measure now, can we?

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