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Athiya and Rahul tied the knot today in Khandala. The bride and groom wore Anamika Khanna. Our congratulations to the newly weds!

Athiya Shetty and KL Rahul

Athiya Shetty and KL Rahul

Athiya Shetty and KL Rahul

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  1. This woman should be a model.. she has something in her ! Very subtle yet impactful
    And of course congratulations to her and Rahul

  2. There is something about Athiya. The look is not overly done but it is so impactful! She looks amazing! So does the groom.

    Can you feature the father of the bride? He was clearly the star of the event.

  3. Athiya is great looking. I am surprised she’s not a supermodel. But considering both are South Indians I am disappointed not to see any South Indian touch in both their attires. It’s a very generic look. She’s generally very stylish so I am wondering at this choice. That said everyone is allowed to do what they want, how they want it and who they want at their own weddings.

    • I was waiting to see Athiya’s take on a South Indian look so I’m a little bummed. But as VKya said above, it’s Athiya’s day and her choice. She looks lovely.

    • If you notice her style, she has always stuck to classic. Wearing whites and pale pinks. So it’s not a surprise she chose to wore this palette for her wedding.

      It’s her wedding, she does her!

  4. Not entirely related to the purpose of this blog but it just be said that it takes a lot of confidence, self-awareness and maturity to get married at this stage in her career. This is NOT to put down others who choose differently but it is a well know fact that the pressures on male and female actors in Bollywood are very different. And unfair. Perhaps times are changing for the better and female actors have greater agency to prioritize their personal life without sacrifice their careers. Anyhow, kudos to her for taking this huge step.

    • Everyone’s aesthetics are different
      The Ambanis love to bling it up !
      As someone said .. it’s their wedding.. let them be..
      on the other hand.. guests at ambani weddings can do better !

  5. The trend for pastels at weddings started with Anushka- Virat onto Alia- Ranbir and now Athiya & Rahul.
    Feel there should have been some small colour elements to offset the prettiness of pastels! But to each their own.


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