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At an event for Fairever Fruit Fairness Cream, Asin was decked from head to toe in red. She wore a red Gauri and Nainika wrap dress with satin peep-toe pumps.

We couldn’t help but wonder if the all-red outfit idea came straight from the sets of her movie ”London Dreams’. Except, while the red chiffon dress and the red patent peep-toes worked, the red silk dress and the red satin shoes did not! It also didn’t help that the backdrop was red too!


Left: Asin in ‘London Dreams’
Right: Asin at Fairever Fruit Cream Event


Asin at Fairever Fruit Fairness Cream Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Asin is like a hybrid between a Kajol and Priyanka. That’s the “vibe” I get.

    By the way, I hate the outfit and the shoes – too matchy matchy. I personally dislike the “frock” style on grown women.

  2. Asin is lovely but this is such a prom dress! I think just hiding the organza lining would be an improvement.

    On a separate note, it’s troubling to see that “fairness” creams still have a market.

  3. you know what? I like the G&N dress, very Marylin Monroe
    those shoes are would be great with a not-red dress
    together, though, they clash

  4. the red chiffon with the red patent really does look good
    would have never thought to wear red shoes with a red dress

    the second one is horrible though
    satin and silk – that too red
    too chammak challo

  5. yes, u’re right. red doesnt seem to be working with so much of background red. but she does look very, very radiant- a perfect face for face creams!

  6. Also, why i think the first one worked n the latter did not was coz of the fact that the first look was for a movie, n this for real life.

  7. Fairever cream? really? Why do actresses agree to be the face of such racist products? it is sooo repressive and sad.
    That said, I hate the entire look.

  8. I just noticed tha tshe was endorsing a fainess cream
    tsk tsk indeed
    makes me appreciate Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachan a bit more
    …and is it true that Sonam is promoting a fainress cream too? She said “Mine is a white perfect cream meant for skin pigmentation and fairness. It’s a deep pigmentation cream meant for Asian skin as girls in their twenties face a lot of hormonal problems in this age.”
    …that’s for like, scars, right ( a bit odd for Sonam to be endorsing THAT.)

  9. @pdaervo: The White Perfect cream is for spots/scars from acne and sunspots and such things. Sonam said she uses the product or had used it. So she is endorsing it.

    Ash endorsed some whitening soap if I remember correctly.

  10. Such a pretty face. Like the dress.

    @Pdaevro: I misread your comment as ” …meant for Asin skin as girls” instead of Asian..” πŸ˜€


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