Green With Envy?

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Not really… If only the hair had been styled better instead of the pageant-style side do, we’d have loved this look on Asin.


Asin at Time Food Group Event


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  1. She looks nice minus the hair !
    Love the color too !

    Is her dress not Gauri & Nainika or Alberta Ferretti !? Priyanka wore similar ones & so did Kareena.

  2. She’s such a pretty girl but I feel like sometimes she’s trying toooooo hard!!!! Dress is pretty, can’t say the same about the hair.

  3. love that green and the earrings

    she looks awesome (though hair is so so i can totally overlook that cuz everything else is great)

  4. she looks beautiful but i don’t like the way they styled her looks outdated and pageant-y, something more simple would have looked great with her accessories

  5. wow….this is one time that im findin asin pretty….wow….she is gorgeous! didnt see this before…and i think the hair isnt that bad…..u guys cnab a bit harsh!!! 😉

  6. actualmente, I don’t like the jewlery either :/
    and I agree about the trying to har part, I only ever think of her as really pretty when she has a NATURAL full smile
    and no, she is not preggers lol

  7. on seeing d pic, i thought she is parvathy omnakuttan. it was only ven i read d name below dat i ws able 2 recgnise her……i dnt knw its onle me or nebdy else too who thought lyk dat

  8. The dress is nice but the hair kills the effect. And that OTT blingy cuff doesn’t help either!! I do wonder what shoes she wore……


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