Match Much: A Patriotic Edition

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At Nisha Jamwal’s theme party to celebrate Republic day, spotted Ameesha’s mom Asha Patel committing a serious ‘Match Much’ infraction.

What was worse? The match much or that weird dupatta?


Asha Patel at Nisha Jamwal’s Bash With Carlsberg

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. that’s one creative dupatta i have say with the peacock thing

    might look sorta interesting with a plain white salwar kameez? dunno…well on the right person anyway

  2. omg the peacock dupatta! lol how very patriotic and creative!
    i dont think its too bad since the party had a theme…

    @ megha…i agree white salwar kameez would totally highlight that creative dupatta!

  3. i dont know, i tend to forgive anyone if they’re dressing for a theme.
    and i guess the only reason for that dupatta is coz it’s an indian symbol…the mor.

    so yeh, whilst it’s way too much, but it’s for a theme, and so it doesn’t matter. the ppl that DONT follow the theme, they’re the ones i don’t like 😛 lol

  4. Theme parties often end up having several cases of Match Much…so that’s forgivable.
    Is it just me r does anybody else find the dupatta a lil creepy…

  5. anyone notice the contacts? at least i think they are contacts lol.
    i think i just went blind, wayyyyy too bright of an ensemble!
    btw does anyone know what kind of a gucci bag shes carrying?

  6. I still can’t get over the peacock thingy! Is she carrying that on her shoulder because it’s the national bird of India?? Thank heavens she didn’t go for a tiger (national animal)


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