A Worse Off, Face Off

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It wasn’t a great skirt to begin with but add to that the horrendous purple top and you have a WTHeyyy. But then, at this age, still not going strapless when wearing a halter dress is as much as a WTHeyyy for us as Asawari’s purple mess.

For us, this round was a tie. What about you? Who was worse?

You can check out more pictures from the premiere The Gallery.


Asawari Joshi and Deepshikha at ‘Paying Guest’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Why is a woman as beautiful as Asawari Joshi doing this to herself. She looks so beautiful in saris, this ensemble does nothing for her.

  2. tacky, tacky, tacky!!!! arrgghhh!! Cant the production company @least pay for a stylist for the premier? Why are all b’wood starlets/ wannabe stars so damn cheaply dressed?

  3. God .. haven’t they bought a few nice sarees over the years!!
    This is not the way to gain attention at a movie premiere!!
    I don’t understand why most of our actors want to do a Western look when hardly a handful of them can do Western right!!!
    It’s sad!!
    Go Indian.. you would look much much much better that by making a mockery of yourselves by putting yourself into these clothes!!
    That skirt and top is soemthing like those dresses for kids you see outside Bandra / Andheri station.. menat for the lower middle class .. No offences meant, but that;s the first thing that came to my mind seeing the lady on the left!!

  4. Payal (HHC),
    I agree with you for the most part but could you please elaborate on the ”But at this age still not going strapless when wearing a halter top” bit… I didn”t quite get it.. I mean once you cross a certain age, is it like not acceptable … while b4 that age it is… i mean is that how it works?? Please answer thnx

    • girl,
      If you are wearing a halter top, just wear a strapless bra. Nobody wants to see bra straps and what’s worse than those are clear straps!

  5. The first one in the long skirt is worse!! By the way, who are these people????

    Payal (HHC) please feature people from the South too!! I mean not just South Indian girls in Bollywood, but Tamil/Telugu actesses like Trisha, Bhavna , Shobhana etc.


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