In Trina Turk

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Its a dress we like, certainly very brunch appropriate!


Left: Trina Turk Classic Bonita Backgammon Lace Dress
Right: Penny Patel At ‘Art Of Taste’ Brunch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Wow – stunning! Crochet is so cool and summery – but risky if you have big boobs – I think she’s just about getting away with it! Love this dress in both Navy and White.

  2. Beautiful dress in both colours!
    But the white compliments Penny so well! Overall mostly a hit – although I’m not 100% positive about those shoes.

  3. The blue version is fantastic! Would love to see the gold detail paired down for a more casual version…i mean, I’ve got nowhere to go, but I still want to look good going there!

  4. The blue version is better and I do think just like one of the comments before that this works much much better on the model than Penny patel(whoever that is, i know i can google but hey i am just here to look at the dresses i cant buy:))

  5. Its an awesome dress. Should be easy to get tailored for us poor fashionistas who can’t afford it. Looks gorgeous in both colors.


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