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At the reception and party hosted by the groom’s family in Mandi, Arpita was seen first in a sequin and floral lehenga and then later in a floral churidaar suit, both from Sabyasachi.

Love the lehenga. The necklace, though, not so much.


Arpita Khan at her Reception and Party (right) in Mandi

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Both outfits look pretty bad, the lehenga more so since it feels just so mismatched between the glittery dupatta to the floral skirt. The salwar is nothing to write home about except for the super big $$$ tag it came with. Neither of them are looking good on Arpita. Oflate Sabyasachi creations plain reminds me of the Emperors new clothes fable!

    • YES! Emperor’s New Clothes is exactly right!!
      Both these outfits are terrible and the prints so unappealing.
      Big yellow roses on a formal lehenga…I mean what were they thinking?!
      The necklace is actually the best thing about the outfit (and I don’t actually like it that much either)

  2. Both outfits are quite nice. They seem to be the same prints we’ve seen lately on Deepika, Aishwariya etc. Love the necklace and slightly disappointed that she was not wearing bangles. First pic..person of the left of Arpitha has a really cute yellow saree on.

  3. That lehenga looks like those pavadai dhavani skirts from the 80s Tamil movies. The skirts that the poor friends of the heroine wore. Seriously, Sabyasachi?
    Just because she is Salman’s sister and a bride (?) it doesn’t mean that people should go gushing over her clothes. Nothing, I repeat, nothing in this whole extended wedding thingy has looked good.

  4. Money can buy you the designer clothes but not the x factor to carry them off! She doesn’t seem to be pulling either outfit off.

  5. A dress, especially designerwear, is supposed to complement and compliment the wearer; accentuate the better qualities of the wearer’s personality.
    Arpita Khan looks hideous in these.
    Note to Stylists/ Consultants at Sabyasachi: the occasion belongs to her; it was your responsibility to make her look good. You’ve got everything wrong…from the choice of colours, the silhouettes to the prints.

  6. Like some one mentioned about she does not have the xfactor to carry these looks or the body type for such prints. The same floral print sari looked so good on Deepika & I remember seeing it on Sridevi too.


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