Man-Candy Anyone?

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Rahul Khanna
Yuvraj Singh

Arjun Rampal
Upen Patel

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  1. Love you P&P

    Hate Upen’s shoes. Remind me of 70s Jitendra shoes. Is it the new trend because Akshay is also wearing silver shoes in the previous post. I am not digging this trend.

  2. Upen Patel takes the cake – he’s the hottest of the three, and I love he’s confident enough to not go with the always-must-wear-a-matching-belt thing. (I wonder if he has side-buckles on those pants.)

    Arjun comes next, though that’s a fugly belt, and I’ve seen him wear better-fitted suits.

    Rahul is ehh, okay. He looked better in his leaner days.

    I’m not digging Yuvraj at all. He needs some manscaping on the chest hair to even look presentable. Also, the shoulders on that suit are sloppily done and disgusting.

  3. Eww UPEN!!!!

    Arjun looks good and his suits a bit different not the usual so digging that…and of course hes a model!!! and Rahul looks good too, but those circles under his eyes make it seem like hes staying up drinking all night

  4. i can’t believe there r people who voted for upen , hehehe
    there was a tie b/w rahul & arjun , but arjun’s hot pic behind him made me click for him , lolz

  5. um…can I say none?!
    bu then again, I just finished reading and watching Emma…so I’m not really in the mood for anything other than Mr. Knightly

  6. its a toss up between Rahul Khanna and Arjun, and Arjun wins by Nano seconds….Yuvraj needs to cut down on something, as his face is looking puffy here….and Upen needs to stop watchng Miami Vice

  7. rahul looks amazing – certainly the most dapper of them all.

    but, oh, arjun – that face and smile, – mehr really is lucky…

    for once, upen does not look greasy/sleazy


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