The ‘WTHeyyy’ Edition

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Love that necklace on Rakshanda, can never go wrong with Kundan, can you? Wish could say the same about rest of her outfit. The sari is loud, gaudy and looked like it strayed away from ‘Kyonki-Something’ set… And that bag is just plain ghastly!

Speaking of ghastly bags, what is that tassled thing Archana Puran Singh decided to carry? Very ‘Wthey’! Those pants don’t help her cause either.

Archana Puran Singh
Rakshanda Khan


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  1. oh god..why archana..why so dull. reminds me of vidya balan n her black outfits. on rakshanda, the only parts i like are the blouse (not great but it is okay) and the bottom red part of the sari. don’t like the middle print at’s completely spoiling the look. and that bag doesn’t even go with the sari!

  2. rakshanda’s sari isn’t so bad. maybe she had to wear it for a tv appearance. i’ve seen her in much gaudier outfits on tv. i think archana and her husband make a cute couple.

  3. I actually like Rakshanda’s sari. The beige part breaks up the red nicely and I think it would have been gaudier had it been all red.

  4. hey, the necklace is not kundan. it’s by jewellery designer Shaheen Abbas. had seen it during a shoot she did with her. shaheen works with silver and makes really ornate pieces which are completely affordable also.
    and yes, the bag sari combo=Hideous!!


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