Anya Hindmarch’s Small Maud

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How funky is this clutch? Its the latest from Anya Hindmarch, a small ‘Maud’ metallic clutch. Quite the ordinary looking one, till you actually open it up and see the printed silk lining. Yup, its scenes from the Kama Sutra and not for the ‘prudishly’ inclined.

It would have been really tacky had it been on the outside, but with the print being tucked away on the inside, its just so unexpectedly naughty. Almost like the librarian with tortoiseshell glasses and cabled turtleneck on the outside and racy lingerie on the inside. No?

Buy The Small Maud Clutch Via Anya Hindmarch

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  1. @ Anon
    Aww. Thanks.

    @ Rajni
    Personally, am not running out to buy the bag just yet, its a lil’ too risque for me! But, that doesn’t stop me from admiring its spunkiness!

    Its naughty and fun and what girl doesn’t need that sometimes?


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