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Anushka wore a sheer sparkly Sabyasachi sari to Priyanka and Nick’s wedding reception on Thursday evening pairing it with diamond and emerald jewellery from the designer’s jewellery line.

I would’ve preferred an emerald drop style necklace here but she still looked nice and I liked. But, I would’ve loved it, if she’d not done the same ole same ole Sabyasachi styling diktat.

Anushka Sharma

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I’ll take this styling over all the horrendous outfits and styling on display at this event. I have a gripe about the blouse though. It looks like a glorified bra which is a tad inappropriate for the event.

  2. So ethereal, sometimes a little sparkle is so nice for a night event. For my tastes the choker is a bit heavy, but it’s gorgeous nonetheless and her make up is done so beautifully. Gosh her height is just incredibly, so jelly.

  3. Anushka is usually a trend-setter and I love her very individual style. This saree is sparkly and pretty.
    The one-boob should bother me but more than that, the entire top half bothers me. It looks too bare, too transparent – if I were in a reception and came across someone wearing this,I’d be uncomfortable and not know where to look. The blouse, maybe, needed to have a little more coverage than it does.

  4. I might sound like a prude here.. but this look is too bare!
    The blouse is all kinds of wrong with this saree. Not too add the sparkly choker.
    Seriously, can never understand Bollywood’s obsession with so much sparkle.

  5. I did not like it one bit. I would have bought the whole retro vibe if it was one bold color. The whole transparent nettish look is killing it for me.

  6. Why is it that all the insta pics of her look amazing and the ones you girls pick out always look the worst?
    Anyways i think her hair looked great because of the bouffant and the tousled ponytail. Quite a trendy take on 60’s bollywood glamour.
    But ofcourse in your pics you cant see it. Of late it seems like you choose pics to just so you can give a negative statement to an otherwise good look.

    • The pics that stars & designers post on their Instagram profile are from private photo sessions that are then filtered and edited to make them stand out (coz of this even horrible outfits tend to look dreamy) .. whereas ones like these are taken by paps so you actually get to see how they look like in real..

  7. I like everything other than the choice of jewelry, it’s the jewelry that makes this look dated, like Asha Parekh in some old movie party song where the hero is upset and singing!

    • I know the songs you mean. Asha Parekh had her own style and grace – some time ago Priyanka (of P&P), was doing posts on retro movie fashion (I remember the one on Rekha, was there one on Sharmila Tagore as well, can’t recall now).

      Maybe Priyanka can revive the series to talk about 60s movie fashion, Asha Parekh, Saira Banu et al)? :-)


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