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Anushka attended the National Sports Awards ceremony on Tuesday wearing a dull gold Sabyasachi sari and sporting the sari with a look that is quite the designer’s signature styling when presenting collections.

She wore the sari well but I am not liking the jewellery pick. It feels too flashy for the sari in question.

Anushka Sharma

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  1. I don’t mind the jewelry at all. Anushka is looking gorgeous! The styling is perfect for the occasion and did not upstage Virat or the other award recipients either, it was their moment to shine.

  2. I’ll give the earrings a pass because everything else was low-key, from the colour of the saree to the make-up. Wish she’d skipped the bangle though.

  3. Is it mandatory to have that hair … Read chipku hai.. With Sabya sarees…

    Can we never have a fun youthful styling….

    This style is done so many times over and over again…that theres no novelty anymore…. No matter how good the saree is dont want to give a second look to these pictures..

  4. agree with the comments on the hairdo..last time noone did and i was surprised that when deepika has it there is an onslaught of comments…:)
    agree with P&P on the jewellery…dull gold would have looked nice

  5. Anushka does this hairdo with other outfits n non Sabya saris also…it’s her fav maybe. The earring cud have been lighter one, feels OTT in close ups . But overall she looks nice…

  6. Agree with the earrings part but like someone above has stated, as rest of the elements are simple, earrings doesn’t look that ott(sounds contradictory). Also, she never goes overboard with her makeup. She let her height and her flawless skin to be the focal point.

  7. a well cut sleeveless blouse, in a beautiful light coloured matching Benaras fabric, loose unstyled wavy hair and the same saree, makeup and jewellery would have really looked so awesome on her, AND would have freshened the sabyasachi look


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