1. She looks great.. maybe a bright pink lipstick would’ve sealed the deal. But the understated elegance in her style always make her stand out

  2. I feel she should have gone the handloom way. If the weavers are good enough to make a movie about, they should be good enough for her to wear one of their creations too

    • I don’t agree, in fact it was so refreshing to see her dressed like herself and not her character (as olala also said) and still look just as lovely.

      • She doesn’t have to dress in character for that. In south, Samantha made quite a lot of interesting appearances wearing handloom. Imagine how much mileage the unbranded/local weavers would get if someone like Anushka showcased their work. If they are milking sentiments towards a section of craftsmen, they might as well provide them a good platform in fashion. It breaks my heart to see a regular sari that you wouldn’t spend more than 5k on, gets a designer tag and everybody spends crazy amounts on it

        • She should have worn a tiger print dress. I work in tiger conservation and it breaks my heart that tigers did not get mileage out of this outing.
          (Sorry for being sarcastic :-) But I was just making the point that not every piece of clothing can make the statement that WE want it to make, however noble the statements may be. I really do work in tiger conservation, but not everyone has to see the world through the same lens. The stars are also individuals and cannot possibly know EVERYTHING about the outcomes of their clothes.

          As for designer v/s regular: I do not get that debate at all. Me regular jeans cost $ 75. A celebrity probably wears jeans worth $ 3K. There are others who wear $10-15 jeans probably. They are still jeans. But each person has their own pecking range, approach, and ways to pick out clothes. What is designer for me, is probably regular for them.

        • I feel like you’re contradicting yourself. You say she should’ve gone the handloom way because of the message of the film and yet you say she doesn’t have to be in character for it. And knowing Anushka’s usual style, she doesn’t wear sarees much and tends to stick to casual wear and dark colours.

        • But I do understand your point about promoting local weavers. It’s just that in Anushka’s case, I can’t see her doing that without looking like she’s in character. And I prefer her like this for sure.

  3. Was waiting for her promotions to start…I find her fashion sensibilities very refreshing. Anushka ‘s and Karisma’s style choices are very relatable and close to my own. I love them :)



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