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Anushka made an appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards sporting a fresh-off-the-runway Anaikka studded belted jacket. Instead of wearing the beige studded pants as shown on the runway, she changed it up by wearing black leather denims.

While, I like the outfit, am not feeling the hair do. What’s goin’ on at the back there?


Left: Anaikka, WIFW A/W 2013
Right: Anushka Sharma at MTV Video Music Awards 2013

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. What has she done to herself? No resemblance to the fresh faced young lady she was 2 years ago. Looks like an oriental mannequin to me.

  2. Oh Anushka!! Why are you morphing into some anime character?!
    Love the jacket but hate the silly sash, especially the way Anushka has tied it!! Let me not even start on the hair and the raccoon eyes…

  3. I like this much btr than her last few high-fashion appearances. At least some of her quirkiness comes thru in terms of the sequined top n belted waist. Something about the makeup makes it too over the top for her tho

  4. She looks best with long hair, subtle make up that highlights her natural charms. Her personality is her ticket. Take a leaf from Kat and do what suits you best. This is awkward.

  5. whats with that smile .. she looks like a clueless little girl in tinseltown ..
    love the top though and i think her pants better than the model
    The whole thins looks more put together

  6. That fringebis really no friend of hers! She needs to lose it asap.
    Also, are her regular stylist n make-up person on break – coz this sure doesnt look like anythmg they’d send out.
    Cant get over how awful this looks. And how pretty she used to look!

  7. Wah!!!She reminds of those korean horror flicks, what with the wierd bangs and overly kohl lined eyes…..not feeling it one bit. Wish she’d go back to being Anushka, and not be whatever THIS is!!:(

  8. i find nothing wrong with changing up even if it isnt as good as other is change and i am sure all actress can live with it for sometime. She doenst look bad at all rather just different and to me a in a good way. But then i revealed my fashion choices of nineties in one of the comments so ….

  9. It took an entire day to arrive at an effective comment. This looks is really terribly wrong. More than 95% people, so many of us are not blessed with good looks and Anushka is one of them. Average looking people can’t be so risqué. You have to make an effort to then beautify yourself and not do the opposite.


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