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Spotted on singer Anushka, the Steve Madden ‘Bukled’ pumps, which she paired with a denim jumpsuit and a brown bag. The colorful pumps created by Steve Madden were meant to be a more affordable option to the Balenciaga ‘Lego’ sandals that featured in the Balenciaga’s Fall 2007 collection.


Left: Anushka Manchanda at Loreal Paris Brunch at Olive
Right: Steve Madden ‘Bukled’ Sandals Bid

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Payal, why did you refrain from giving us your opinion on her outfit?

    i think she pulls it off quite well. i have mentioned before that she resembles sonam in her face and body structure. she looks nice here. the hair color is admissible, but may not look as great if not for her shades. not sure about the shoes, but i think they are growing on me. it’s just heartening to see her not going for the super expensive brand just to make a statement.

    • PeachBellini,
      Because I had already written so much about the shoe…. But, since you asked, I like her denims and sandals look. The fringe bag though is ugggly and not me….

      P.S. Love the sunglasses…

  2. In these pics she def looks like Sonam. Yea the hair colour might not look so great if not for the shades.. can’t really tell with the shades on. Really, really like her outfit!!! I think it looks soo casual and fun! LOVE IT! (and am surprised this post didn’t generate more comments.. if she was Sonam we would have seen 43 “omg I love it”s !

  3. She looks pretty good, don’t like the shades much, but she pulls it off. I like fringe bags, but depending on the design, and this one looks fine.

  4. I like it… no actually love it! It’s young funky trendy and yet not over the top. Statement shoes, jumpsuit, fringe bag… so many trends done in one look and the best is she carries it of with elan.

  5. After a hiatus this is what the doc prescribed, God why did i lose hope in Celebrity dressing? because Anushka Manchanda totally has revived my shredded hopes and made the NEW:) I LOVE IT! NEED I SAY MORE!?

  6. She’s looking awesome! Grunge and hippie cool all in one! Love the shades, denim, shoes are gorgeous. Like the hair color planning to get into something like that. This girl has really come a long way. Have seen better fringe bags though..this one though doesn’t clash with the whole look, she could have picked ups something better. But what the hell..she looks hot!

  7. On anyone else this would have been one big WTHeyy but she ROCKS this look!! Love it! Its mostly her attitude that makes this look work.

  8. She carries off the entire look SOOO well!! Hate the hair colour…but THOSE shoes I cant get my eyes off them! Anushka is a rare species who could have pulled off this look!!

  9. Those shoes are outrageously hot! I like the way she paired the crazy colored shoes with a toned down jumpsuit, very stylish.


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