Black Was The Night

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Spotted a lot of Black at Katrina Kaif’s birthday do… question now is: Black and Beautiful? Or Black and Bland?

Anusha Dandekar
Karisma Kapoor

Neha Dhupia
Sonam Kapoor

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  1. Karishma looks great as ever. Neha tried to add a bit of color with the turquoise belt but it ends up accentuating her wide hips. Sonam looks most blah. Anushka fares a little better due the polka dots (which aren’t visible due to the flash) and her smile.

  2. I dont like Neha’s outfit,mostly because the shades of black on top and pants dont match- but the other three are quite good.. love karisma’s clutch

  3. i like anusha’s dress because thats something i would wear

    sonam looks HORRIBLE at the party..she looks drunk and out of it with dark circles around her eyes in some pics

  4. Hey, just wanted to point out that Anushka’s shoes (those black one with the bow in front) are by Pierre Cardin. They’re nothign too fancy but just thought I’d point it out anyway…I know them ‘cos I have a pair which I wear to work..and they’re not too expensive – I bought them from Bangkok for about 35 pounds.

  5. Everyone at d party luked worn out,tired N Boring/Bored!!
    I sumhw noticed ‘D SONALI KULKARNI BLUNDER’ on Sonam……is it true tht her dress cudn’t take d flash n showed d innerwear??

  6. i liked sonam’s and neha’s outfits.

    i dont really like the jeans with karishma’s top. but her clutch is absolutely beautiful.

    & also anusha’s dress is ok but the polka dots and her shoes didnt work for me. but love her clutch.

  7. These folks all look bad and makes you appreciate filters and airbrushed photos. Why can’t BW stars look elegant when dressed casually?

  8. maybe its the angle of the pic but is Karishma sporting the same lollipop head look as her sis these days? – beautiful clutch though.

    Sonam with that frilly dress looks the worst in my opinion. Like Neha’s look best.

  9. borring borring borring LOVe IT
    SONAM looks aweseome…love that dress (I think I know the designer, but I just can’t seem to place my finger on it)
    eyeryone else looks typical generic LA girl ( I swear I saw Anushka’s dress in Forever 21 the other day…)

  10. We are looking for Sonam’s dress… When we find it, we’ll post it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You don’t see a source anymore because we buy images now and the ones that we watermark are the ones that we own… A google search should help you find other pics…

  11. Thanks payal for your response. You guys are spending a lot of time and money for our entertainment. Hope you get some back :). Alright, I will stop being lazy and go google.

  12. Only Karishma, she knows how to carry what she chooses to wear. She looks fab even in what is just an ordinary ensemble. Great clutch.

  13. Karisma Kapoor is too pasty white…she needs a tan like Neha Dhupia. Her hair looks chipkoo too..either its ironed flat or its pasted to her scalp in a tied-back style..can’t she leave it more natural like Anusha’s?

  14. I think Karishma’s natural colour is beautiful. Neha looks trashy and her outfit is horrible. Sonam’s dress is cute although I’d say Karishma looks the best. Do these girls actually even talk to Katrina :S I wonder

  15. sonam is carrying a frigging luella clutch… its awesome… atleast she dresses different. and i prefer her without make up.


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