In Threes

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At Lakme Fashion Week, Anusha attended the Manish Malhotra show on day one and was spotted taping for India’s Next Top Model on day four. Of the three looks, it was easy to pick the Gaurav Gupta one as the better of the three.

As for the Manish Malhotra one, we just couldn’t see past the hair. WTHeyyy!?!


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Did she even look in the mirror before leaving home? Disaster! I mean that hair color has to go now! It looks awful when left open.. Hi fire your hair stylist ( that is if u have one)

  2. Cannot get past the hair

    The whole world covets the lush black strong Hair indians have and she has ruined it

    Highlights, occassional coloring is fine, but here it is looking unhealthy and ruined

    As a dress,like the MM and GG one. MM one can be worn in festival times when all go overboard with blingg.
    the white GG one has a fairytale princessy thing going on.

  3. The hair color is plain trashy/tacky makes her look like she has straw for hair. And not just on her, on most desi women it looks the same, these hair colors. But they think it looks cool. lol. Those shoes in the last one are just fugly.


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