And, She Is Back!

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Anupama Verma is back! We missed that pose of hers, which by now she seems to have perfected!

While she chose to repeat her top at the Diwan Rahul Nanda dinner party, we are so glad she left out the ghastly pants from last time!

Anupama seems to be steadily building up her Louis Vuitton collection, this time she was spotted with LV Beforedark bag! (Funny, just posted about Simone’s Beforedark and still not liking the bag!)

But seriously, that pose of hers… still cracks us up! 🙂

You can buy the Beforedark via Louis Vuitton for $2940


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  1. I dont know abt the bag…But I really do think that Anupama Verma is very beautiful…I remember my school days when she appeared in Music Videos…specially Boom Boom…all of us wanted to look like her.
    Okay….this is not what the blog is abt…so back to the bag…its okay I guess. If I had the option of having 100 bags then this could be one of them.

  2. LOL! i really have nothing to say.

    it’s like she’s a mannequin…holdin the bags. and she’s just so bland too. no personality.
    exactly like a mannequin

  3. Anupama surely must be carrying a knock off because a not active side actress like that cant afford such a high price goodie ? dont you think ?


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