In Sabyasachi

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For her appearance at the Amazon event, Anupama picked a Sabyasachi suit to wear. Color agrees with her; she looked nice.

P.S: See Alia wear this Sabyasachi suit here.

Anupama Chopra At Amazon Prime Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Is that a dupatta of the same design as the suit? It blends so much with the suit. Could have been a plain green dupatta in a different material or not worn one. Otherwise this suit looks good

  2. Such an ordinary looking suit and not a nice one at that. Surprised it’s from $abya$achi!! Didn’t care for the china silkish fabric or the color either

  3. Very ordinary suit, can’t see what’s designer about it. And I can’t even make out where the kameez finishes and the bottoms start or where the dupatta is among all the print.

    • What gets me is that it’s so badly finished. The borders seem cheap-looking and badly stitched on, and the hems are puckering. The outfit has no design element apart from this, so why not spend some time getting it right.

    • I have seen this in person and it looks awful. Like he ordered material and just said stitch everything in it and put a gold edging to it all. Disaster! Please do not call it designer, nothing designer to it.

  4. Bhandini fabric in pure silk =500 rs per mtr
    No of meters fabric required =8 mts for this suit
    Total fabric cost =4k
    Darzi charges =1k
    If anybody spends more than 5 k on this suit they are fools period!

  5. Who wouldn’t look nice in that gorgeous shade of green?

    I love Anupama’s style. When everyone in Bollywood is trying hard to be bold, edgy and fashion forward, the likes of her stand out with their grace, simplicity, and timelessness. How elegant and unaffected she looks in her fancy, high priced designer outfit!

  6. Seriously ..$$$ for this dress. The color, fabric everything is gorgeous .. owing to its inherent nature (traditional Bandhni, like with all other handloom) but it’s a surprise the “design team” could not come up with any design element as such .. not even a plain dupatta to break all that print.

    Anupama looks simple and graceful as always.

  7. No one would think of buying such a suit if some poor ordinary tailor decides to sell it. Just coz its Sabyasachi it is being worn and featured too… Seriously designers start throwing garbage once they become famous.. And come to think of it… people buy and wear it too…


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