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Both on the opening night of the film festival and more recently at MAMI, Anupam Chopra was photographed in Payal Khandwala dresses. Though one look was more dressed up than the other, which of the two do you like more?


Anupama Chopra
Left: At MAMI 2016
Right: At MAMI 2016 Opening Night Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I love the way she dresses, simple, elegant and I love that she does not wear high heels. But these two outfits are both terrible, especially the blue maxi, looks like a tent

  2. Anupama is a darling, but there HAS to be a better for her to showcase her legs. Such boxy silhouettes certainly don’t accentuate these stems. So by default, left wins.

  3. I quite love the look on the left. Couldn’t help feeling a collar pin would’ve elevated the look – but maybe not on Anu Chopra 🙂 I generally like her keepin-it-sophisticated vibe.

  4. You gotta hand it to Payal Khandwala – she’s managed to convey the impression to so many people that these shapeless bedsheets are actually designer wear.


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