Clutch Spotting


Last time we saw Anu, she had the Origami clutch and this time we spotted her with the Pepe Antique Knot clutch and this one don’t come cheap either. This sucker is gonna drain your bank balance by about 75 Benjamins.

But, if you don’t have that kind of money, go ahead and drool all over that screen for now! ;)

Sunny and Anu Dewan
Bottega Veneta Pepe Enameled Antique Sterling Silver Knot
( Buy )

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

P.S. It is 75 Benjamins and not 750! No surprise why I am not an accountant! Thanks ‘blewgenes’.


  1. Hm….pretty! and it looks quite a precious lil thing in the hands. Her dress seems to be ballooning at the bottom is that how it’s supposed to be or is that ill-fitted. All that gold isn’t looking too classy. I like the green though. Refreshing.


  2. Omg that dress she’s wearing is an Oscar de la renta. Tyra wore it in a feature for harpers Bazaar. This one looks a bit different or I can’t see the waist stitching here but it’s defo an oscar/modified or a knockoff Emailing it to you girls Payal.


  3. love love love the clutch (despite it’s price) my god, it’s suuuupppeeerrrr. something tht i could pass on to my daughter haha…
    p n p though it’s a limited edition could one get it in bombay or delhi???
    pls pls tell, and u think one should buy it??

    but i will dream of it tonite, love it!!


  4. FARAH,
    Bottega has a store at the Galleria in Mumbai. Your best bet is to ask them to find you one. If you are very serious about buying it, they should be able to get one shipped to Mumbai…

    The only thing you should consider is that whether your daughter will like this when she grows up… otherwise I suggest going for one of the more classic Knot styles…

    P.S. Sorry for the late reply…




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