Bedhead Redhead!

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Normally, we appreciate a pop of color, but this redhead’s pop of color(her hair), we so didn’t like!

Quite WTHeyyy!


Antara Mali, Aalim Hakim Hair Lounge Launch


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  1. haha
    i love the shahnaz hussain comment!

    i want to give her the benefit of doubt and say it probably wasn’t MEANT to turn out this way?
    i mean noone would do that to their hair on purpose right? lol

  2. And I heard that she had a fall out with her Mentor… Ram Gopal Varma. then why is she trying to get his attention to give her a role in PHOONK 2.

  3. Oops.. i just noticed it says ‘Antara Mali, Aalim Hakim Hair Lounge Launch’……… now how did she end up on the guest list with hair like this?


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