A Ferragamo Fhase

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She has the bag. She has the clutch. So why not a bangle?


Left: At Anna Singh’s Store Launch
Right: At ‘Drona’ Music Launch

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  1. is there anybody who thinks theres somethin thats gone wrong here? Its her hair….her face is like popping out…if only she styled it better..im really not liking that light lining on her pant in the first picture, and her dress in the second….i say this cos she could do so much better

  2. @k her hubby is Goldie Behl. He’s a director…maybe a producer too?
    but till date, i cannot remember any hit movie…so i dont know where he gets the money from.
    maybe he’s just from a super duper rich family?

  3. @ k

    her husband’s goldie behl. best pal of abishek bachchan and also a film and tv producer. he’s making drona at the moment. so, yeah, he’s rich.

  4. She is 35-36, and she is really good looking. Goldie and she were best freinds for eons, before she said yes….real cute. They have a baby together and I think she looks fab with her new hair cut.

  5. kanchan, i would like to know where you work.. so i can also afford Ferragamo… sometimes i really wonder how can us non celebs afford such stuff…how do u do that??

  6. yes beller her hairline is different, i checked out her old pics..and she has def cleaned out her hairline…but is making her look unnatural…

  7. it’s because she’s got her hair tucked behind her ears, so the ears are kind of making her face look big. earlier, she used to leave her long hair to frame her face, hiding the ears. i like her hair better long. but even if it’s short, it would look better if she let it cover her ears.

    on another note, i’ve always associated ferragamo with older women, so it’s not really going with her looking young thing.

  8. Love Sonali’s hair cut and… wowza… look what a few pounds can do to her! Her figure looks greaaaaattt… she was too skinny and lanky in her prime days…

    I love how poised and relaxed Sonali is at events, looking lovely at the same time. I mean there’s Karisma who comes out and looks like she’s trying to make a statement to the world like “look at me, look at me, check out my pedicure and manicure… I’m so hot, so rich” hahaha… she looks unattractive to me mostly despite the high maintenance vibe…

  9. I really tried to find something nice about her in the two pics and I think except for her smile nothing works for me. Too many bangles. Bad belt, horrible jeans.

  10. I so agree with K …. you bet, Karisma is always givin the “look-at-me-im-makin-a-statement” looks ….. and in comparison, Sonali is plain, yet striking!!!
    And I think this hairstyle makes her look wayy younger than her 35yrs of age!!


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