Guess Who?

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I’ve seen ‘TP’ getting stuck to shoes, but this is a new one!

Guess who, had some ‘TP’ stuck to her blouse strap on her way in to Anna Singh’s store launch! We hope someone let the poor girl know quickly!


The answer is inside! 😉


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  1. @ Surbhi – she probably put foundation for the flawless back and mopped the excess with tp. its a comon make up trick for celebs who have to show off their backs. that is probably how the TP got stuck there.

  2. Hey i dont live in india and have no connection but im a Fashion stylist myself so Indian movies interests me but no offense i dont think there is very many ppl here who have fashion sense including few designers 🙂

  3. Hey! I am a fashion stylist in India! That is an ugly saree. The make up is way over the top, i mean at an event like this it should have been a bit subtle! As for her back, its definetly alot of base on it.. not her natural clear skin! oh an the tissue, well hehehehhe its jus funny!


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