From The 1920s

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At the music launch of ‘1920’, Adah Sharma and Anjori Alagh decided to wear ethnic and while Anjori faired a tad better than Adah, both were quite disappointing.

You would think that considering they are trying to make a mark in the industry they would wear something more impressive. Did not dig the patchwork on Anjori’s blouse at all and Adah needs to learn that just wearing a lehenga doesn’t complete a look! You need work on the hair too!

Such dated looks! We so don’t like!

Anjori Alagh
Adah Sharma

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  1. Anjori’s sari is a Sabyasachi im guessing! Well the blouse is his style … Hate her bag! But try as I might .. cant see whats wrong with the other girl, love the Lehenga! In this day of LBDs and cocktail gowns a lehenga does stand out at a party? what say ?

  2. I am LOVING Anjori Alag’s style … she gets my vote … I am also thinking of choosing this style for an upcoming event , where all my peers are gonna wear Dresses .

    very Old word charm … very old Hindi movies style …. and that Bindi .
    beautiful !

  3. Adah is soooo beautiful though. Classic delicate face with big intense eyes.And I love the tousled hair. Imagine that face in a black and white magazine ad. She just needs to get out of that lehenga (does anyone even wear those things outside of weddings anymore?).

  4. Adah’s outfit is eating her up. It completely takes over her and is hideous. I actually like what Anjori is wearing but she looks so washed out and faded.

  5. adah is very pretty but it looks as though she is just returned shopping from a ritu kumar store and is posing in front of her bedroom mirror to see if the dress fits her !

  6. i think the girl in the right, adah, looks beautiful. she doesn’t look overly dressed like most actresses do. she look simple and beautiful and i for one really like her outfit (ok its a bit wrinkly) but the color complements her well.

  7. its so funny how people think so differently of outfits. i personally loved what adahs wearing. she stands out among actresses who wear wigs and patchy makeup to hide their face. so natural. i think its great that she looks like shes standing next to a mirror at home its so chill to be out at her own film music launch like that

  8. ok i really think adahh is really cute . love lehenga . love colour . love the hair. love her makeup.who can carry off smeting like this these days? plastic barbies are all i see . shes real. really young though but sweet

  9. I like them both- though they’re far from perfect, but they do look unique, and as Annapurna mentioned, its very vintage…
    Anjori’s blouse’s pattern could have been a little different, and a little longer..Else, she looks pretty…As does the other girl..I like how she’s wearing the ghaghra the “old way”- not the newer, supposedly hipper way of wearing skimpy cholis and flashing one’s midriff/abs…

  10. adah deserves the best actress award this year. she acted so well! when she cried in the end she made me cry too!!!! i had to add that.. i think she looks better in indian than western but what a face! shes so stunning in the natural way doesnt matter what shes clad in!


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