A Face Off

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Which of these two ladies’ look do you prefer? I have to go with Sakshi; though her look is simple, it makes more of an impact than that of Anjana’s. Anjana’s is just so dull…


Anjana Sukhani (Left) And Sakshi Tanwar (Right) At Suvidha Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I like anjanas look more here.. the long sleave with rich borders and the colour red with dull blue kinda make the dres look prety… n love the red lips with all those..

  2. Both the outfits are baggy. Anjana’s could use fitted arms and Sakshi’s could use a fitted waist… and arms 😀
    Their choice of footwear also ruins it.

  3. i like sakshi’s lookl, as well. rich colours that suit her. plus, better chappals. not only is anjana’s outfit dull, but there’s something about the colouring – those colours, with her pale skin and reddish hair – they’re not complementary.

  4. Hi,Angel (Sakshi tanwar) always looking gorgeous.Her dressing sense is good.Every time look beautiful in every outfit whether it traditional or western.she is a Diva & my best friend.people are not able to understand style, who are saying sakshi’s dressing style is not good.Plzzzzz dont comment.

  5. Anjana is pretty very very very pretty even if she wears a rag she will look like an angel, for women of her beauty I never care what they are wearing. About the outfit I dont think I either of them.


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