A Marked Improvement


Two events in a row saw Anjana doing denim quite fabulously. At actress Vidya Malwade’s dance recital, she wore her denims with a silver top and silver pumps and just when we were wondering if she would repeat the same mantra again (the matching shoe and top), she surprised us by color contrasting her blue top and denims look with white pumps. We have to admit we are quite impressed.

Hopefully, now we’ll see her picking better dresses too because she definitely needs improvement in that area! (See here and here for her bad dress looks.)

P.S.You can catch more from the event on our new site here. You can also check out complete image galleries anytime by clicking on ‘The Gallery’.


Anjana Sukhani
Left: At Vidya Malwade’s Dance Recital
Right: At Rang Birangi Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Whoo! gallery links at the top! P&P, my eyes thank you. :-)

    Now, Anjana looks great! The jeans fit her well, and the smile doesn’t hurt. Very cute!


  2. VERY cute…I love these tops, they look great on her! I really want that blue top, where could i find something like this?


  3. she looks preety..n one more site..yeh yeh yeh yeh…tigd tigd tigd deshhhhhhhhhhhh….that was some music n dance…coooollll…double the maza…but plz don change anyhthing on this oneeeeee…congossssss..n i love the name too…


  4. Huge improvement since she last appeared on this site! I love the style of the silver top & the blue top absolutely pops!
    BTW was just looking through her past appearances on this site – seems she puts in hair extensions at times! Why would she do that when her hair looks so lovely at its natural length >_<




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