In Twos


For her to back-to-back appearances, Ananya picked sparkly mini dresses to wear. While at her movie’s song launch, she was photographed in a dress by Needle & Thread. And for her appearance at a soirée later that evening, she picked a dress from H&M’s ‘Conscious Collection’ to wear.

While neither look was really memorable, Ananya did wear both dresses well.

Ananya Pandey
Left: At SOTY 2 Song Launch
Right: At Chandon X Manish Malhotra Dinner Do

Ananya Pandey
Left: At SOTY 2 Song Launch
Right: At Chandon X Manish Malhotra Dinner Do

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. not original..y cant they think of wearing a power suit or jumpsuit..always these shiny slinky dresses..completely dated and boring…

  2. Ananya is delicately pretty but she wears seldom showcases that. In fact this is so cookiecutter and her makeup is too harsh as well. She s both overly processed and badly groomed somehow at the same time. She needs to let her natural beauty shine!

  3. Fashion sense, good or bad (because it’s subjective) is innate. Many will argue that age helps, but clearly Priyanka and Katrina still don’t get it and Asthiya stands out in a crowd of Disha and Jhanavi’s. Which brings me to the point that I am trying to make i.e. Ms Pandey does not have it.

    • Exactly! Another one of PnP’s favourite phrase.
      “She somehow makes it work to her credit”
      “A welcome change of pace”
      “I for one, like it”
      Cmon PnP, or you can just state the facts and leave it to the blog followers to comment

  4. It’s like these girls are being churned from a factory or something. Most of them are looking alike…same blingy dresses, same poses…And Ananya for one looks pretty clueless…It’s liking hanging clothes on something….I m already bored with this current lot…

  5. It’s very fresh and age appropriate
    I think she looked lovely
    Dont pressure the child she still have a lot to learn about the industry … for new comer I think she’s doing really good

    • Child haha :) the child has the choicest designers, stylists and hair and make-up persons at her disposal. Newcomers these days have an entire team fussing over each detail, absolutely fair to judge them.



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