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Ananya attended the taping of a show Saturday morning wearing a striped top and mini skirt from Raisa Vanessa with sandals and gold earrings. I found that skirt terrible. But, overall, the outfit felt more like it belonged on a cheerleader. We just seem to be missing pompoms here.

Ananya Panday

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Apart from looking like a cheerleader there’s nothing else going on for her, neck up she looks pretty and I like the sandals too!

  2. Why approve this look? I’m curious from someone who is from the entertainment industry – do stars / their stylists get a say over the outfits they are given by brands – especially a younger star? How do the dynamics work?

    • years before I had prop sourcers come over to the stores to pick up latest sample pieces for Sonam, Aishwarya and other A list actresses with a proper brief and occasion. Around 2009 I think stylists were told about the look and preferences by stars, designers and that’s how it must’ve rolled down the chain. As of today I’m sure they’ve found more control going by how often you read stylist credits, per project fees, contracts and so n so. Earlier stylists were actual designers, maybe now it’s both while most actors having no say.

  3. This can’t be real was my first thought. It looks EXACTLY like a cheerleader costume. What was she thinking ? Such a lively girl too. Her mom has great taste so maybe she should start advising her ?!

  4. This girl’s so pretty and fit, there is just too much potential being wasted with these gimmicky outfits. She might actually do better with no stylist at all!

  5. Most of the new gen actors wear cheerleader outfits. It’s their uniform. They have normalised it. With all them neons and tweeny outfits, that’s how you be a millennial. Unfortunately, even senior actors like Malaika Arora have similar tastes.


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