1. This is precisely what a 6 year old playing dress up looks like! Sunglasses that don’t match the clothes that don’t match the shoes. Absolutely silly!

  2. What are those things on her feet??! She looks absolutely silly in the combo paired with those tiny shades and whatever-it-is on her feet!

  3. I appreciate this a fashion blog but it is – thanks to the comments – is also becoming a voice of reason. And so, I want to say this – I will always have a problem with her and her ilk. And I am probably being very unfair to her. But nepotism has reached such a level (low?) that I can’t see beyond the privilege and entitlement these kids come with, compared to say a Taapsee and Kangana who learn and earn everything from scratch.

    • In that I also feel there is less hue and cry where public can see the talent eg Ranbir Kapoor. In this case the lack of talent is so in your face that is appalling and grotesque.

        • Her videos on ELLE India’s instagram handle, for whom she recently did a shoot, are pretty self-explanatory when it comes to lack of talent and personality, both. Just see the content: where she chooses a lipstick shade for going out to have pizza, teaches how to take selfies with perfect lighting, etc. I unfollowed ELLE India after a barrage of those mindless videos on my IG feed.

    • Judging too soon? Let the movie release. People had the same opinion for Alia too AFTER the release of her first movie i.e, SOTY1.

      • Not judging talent at all. Just talking about how they have everything sorted for them – stylists, producer friends, superstars who they call uncle – so it’s a lot – A LOT- easier for them. I’ve faced it myself so I realise I’m biased.

  4. I like it, I think she looks cute. Not everyone has to look sensible all the time. Sometimes its OK to have a lady gaga personality who does what they want. I like her attitude as well, she clearly realizes her clothes are funny and doesn’t take herself seriously. Gimme this any day instead of Jahnvi wearing all of her mom’s MM sarees.

  5. She looks like an animated version of herself…somehow those glasses and the jacket give off a very cartoonish vibe.
    You know what is the best part about this whole new brigade? They are entering Bollywood at such a time where content is king. If they don’t perform, they might be thrust in our faces again and again due to their connections, but they will never get far. Audience knows good content and is not afraid to reject it. There is so much entertainment out there on streaming devices, just movies don’t draw the crowd. They will have to buckle down and perform.
    If you bring teenagers into this industry, this is what will happen. As with any job, a bit of maturity helps. Thanks to the over-exposure, the WHOLE world knows this is a nepo brigade sans any provable talent and treats them accordingly. The whole sequence of events – promo, styling, talk shows, dance show appearances, premiere, “success party”, airport sighting/holiday..next movie is so scripted, it is laughable.

  6. You like her here even with the shoes(or whatever that is) she is wearing? Those grotesque shoes on her lean lanky legs especially in the second pic are the stuff nightmares are made of.

  7. I think she looked really cute !!
    Why is everyone being so harsh .. she’s a new comer and a kid obviously she doesn’t know her style yet
    Give her sometime people !!!!


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