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Ananya and Khushi attended the Dior show in Mumbai, wearing, you guessed it, head-to-toe Dior. I wish both sets of separates had been styled differently but Ananya’s look was definitely the weaker one here, I much preferred Khushi’s look over Ananya’s. Had Ananya skipped the pearl choker and opted for sandals/slingbacks/ballet flats, basically anything else over those loafers, the look would’ve stood a chance.

Ananya Panday (Left) And Khushi Kapoor

Ananya Panday (Left) And Khushi Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. It’s interesting, the look Khushi is wearing almost looks more Chanel than Dior.

    Ananya has great color in her outfit but the fit of the shorts is a bit wide for her slight frame.

  2. Ananya without the necklace. Shoes are too big for her frame, yet it looks very age appropriate and casual.
    This look over those “bra-sarees” any day.

    Khushi, is interesting. Looks like she has her personale taste and does that with almost any brand (not lehenga/saree).
    Her current look is so Chanel – casual vintage. Love it.

  3. I like ananya more here . I think mainly it’s coz of the hair and short skirt looks more fun . Also what’s wrong with loafers ? I like them .

  4. I think this is the best Ananya has looked in ages. And finally she looks her age.

    Love Khushi here. I think she has better dress sense than her sister. Interesting look.

  5. I like both (for once!), and Khushi’s slightly more. I beg to differ on the shoes; the loafers/ brogues make it look quirky and interesting, non-conforming. Love!


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