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It would be great to see Poonam in some body appropriate clothes (color looks great on her though) and would be even better to see Suneeta tone down the eye make-up for once!

Don’t know when red and black became such a popular combination and this look on Anaida is certainly nothing to write home about! Definitely a step up from the last ‘WTHey’ appearance but strictly relatively speaking! Its been a while since we saw Sangeeta Bijlani, just wish this wasn’t the way she popped up on the radar! The monochrome is dull, dull, dull. And the hair just doesn’t work.

Anaida At Richa Sharma’s Birthday Party
Poonam Dhillon At Azeem Khan’s Fashion Show

Sangeeta Bijlani At Azeem Khan’s Fashion Show
Suneeta Rao At Azeem Khan’s Fashion Show

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  1. poonam lookz hilarious asusual in clownish clothes phew!suneeta lookz scary n strange like an shemale!bijlani’s hairdo is so dated n not diggin her dress either…

  2. my buds Bijli and Sunita looked really good at the show, Sunita looked better in person than this pic. Poonam Dhillon …bechari…..and Anaida ….

  3. Dear Lawd!!! Poonam! get a grip woman! — Heard that thing about Denial not being just a river etc etc??…..whatever happened to dressing gracefully?

  4. SB looks like she was attacked by a makeup artist.. ghastly white makeup

    and SRao looks mermadish in that gown.. difficult to carry that one, but she did it, i think

    sorry to say this, but is PDhillon looking for some suitor? why is she always dressed like she is the hot fav of the night?

  5. Dear God, Poonam D. As it is you suffer from a serious case of Behenji Face. Uske upar you insist on wearing stuff like that toh kaise chalega, babe? Tut, tut.

  6. From what I’ve seen, Sunita Rao is a gorgeous, gorgeous woman with a tragic sense of style. That black floor length gown does nothing for her, especially since her body seems a bit tapered, not stick straight.

    A shorter cocktail dress to show off toned legs and something with sleeves would have been more suitable.

  7. not a fan of suneeta rao’s recent looks… the eye makeup is scary and the clothes are strictly average.
    sangeeta bijlani has started looking really old all of a sudden! i do like her dress, but everything else is wrong – shoes/hair/accessories
    anaida is ok.. better than the last WTHeyy
    poonam is just unfortunate. that color can be worn so beautifully, but just doesn’t work here


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