An Ode

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This one is dedicated to my favorite Khan.

No requests for best time. Just enjoy the pic today, share your best film of his and perhaps hug that loved one for a few seconds more.

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  1. Favourite Khan, definitely! Too gifted to be in the race for superstardom. Gone too soon. Imagine what other gems he would have left behind, had he been allowed some more time amidst us. RIP, Irrfan. There won’t be another like you. Those eyes will haunt us forever.

  2. So many it’s hard to pick a favourite. Hindi Medium, Lunchbox, Piku, Paan Singh Tomar. But have to say the one that pulled at my heartstrings the most was The Namesake. Gone far too soon. I know we all feel robbed of his future performances where he could do more with silence and subtlety than others could do with an entire script. My heart goes out to his family.

  3. Thanks for doing this – made me tear up as I was doing the puzzle. Definitely a bright star gone too soon. Loved Piku!!

  4. No heart to do this today. I know a lot has been said about the loss to cinema (all thoroughly warranted, beyond what words can express), but I think this is a loss beyond that – we need people like him in our societies, in this world, as part of our humanity. Rest in peace, Irrfan – your presence will be missed greatly.

    P&P – Thanks for doing this 🙂

  5. I’ve been checking social media posts on him and most say that this feels like a personal loss. And it is true. I have never reacted like this to any celebrity deaths but I’ve already cried thrice since yesterday. May his soul rest in a world without pain, may his new world be full of love and laughter. My heart breaks to think of his wife and kids. His sons are way too young for this kind of trauma. May his spirit guide them in their healing.

  6. I can’t do this today. Been feeling a sense of loss all day today. Irrfan, in my lifetime, there will never be another actor like you.

  7. What a loss 🙁 Irrfan Khan is truly a gem of the film industry; he brought such understated nuance to each of his role, be it comic angle in Life in a Metro, or a relatable Saajan Fernandes in Lunchbox, Maqbool, Haider, Mumbai Meri Jaan, Madaari – every movie of his has made me feel feelings from the inside of my being.

    The puzzle teared me up as well. Interestingly, I started with and did only his face and body and couldn’t go on after that… He, like for many here, will forever be my favourite Khan too!


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