In Swapnil Shinde


Update: Turns out, Amrita is not in Swapnil Shinde. Only Mugdha was.

Spotted these two leading ladies in Swapnil Shinde gowns at a recent Awards’ red carpet.

As lovely as the color looked on Ms. Godse, it’s a gown we’ve seen many times with it’s signature draping at the bodice. Not that it takes away anything from her look. And as for Ms. Rao while she does fare so much better than that pink number, we are surprised she agreed to wear essentially the same gown in a different color so soon.


Amrita Rao (Left) And Mugdha Godse At Gr8 Television Awards


Amrita Rao (Left) And Mugdha Godse At Gr8 Television Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Mugdha looks much better here ..
    But, why is Amrita looking so different all of a sudden,, Her face seems to have changes immensely.
    And yes, she lacks something me she always looks OK (i’m being polite .. .because actually I never like her)


  2. I’m sorry but I like neither. The clutches are completely tacky and the gowns ill-tailored. The whole point of wearing a simple gown like that is to pick out some classy luxuriant material and an excellently defined silhouette.

    These gowns fail on both counts, t(he hemlines are especially horrible). Both looks exude an air of complete fashion wannabe-ness bordering on overall tawdry

    I agree with Jayy they are more ‘fashion street’ than ‘ Bollywood actress’

    Again I’m wondering, given the access they have to India’s rich textile heritage and highly skilled relatively cheap weavers, embroiderers and other artisans, WHY do some Indian designers continue to turn out such substandard-to-mediocre designs?

    A traditional Indian sari has the kind of workmanship you will never seen even on western luxury labels, yet Indian luxury labels have such poor stitching and garment manufacturing standards

    Both woman are gorgeous and can do so much better


  3. eww mugdhas strange poof in the front is bad!!! amrita carries it really well m glad she chose red clutch with her whole black and silver look. love it !


  4. for amrita – what a difference a right length and colour can make… and the right make up and hair … and the right accessories … and … ummmmm…. weellll the whole look actually! :)
    such an improvement over the pink candyfloss… anything wud hv been an improvement!




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