Accessorize Much?

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New bride Amrita was spotted at Olive in a colorful tie-dye Sky(?) maxi that she paired with a metallic LV Mahina and Gucci thongs. The maxi I quite liked but the outfit as a whole was a little too busy for my taste. A few less accessories and we might have had an effortless casual look.

Seems like BFF Kareena and Amrita have been sharing some fashion tips (read: sunglasses).


Amrita Arora at Olive Anniversary Brunch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. yuckkkkk amrita looks like a colour pallet just spilled on to her maxi… and what is with the silver amulet ans gold halter string?

  2. now that’s what you call trying too hard.
    a piece of advice – when in doubt, please don’t wear everything that has a monogram on it all at one time!!
    it’s tacky!

  3. The wayfarer sunglasses had hit the high in UK about 6 months back. If Kareena and Amrita are following western trends, they are lagging a bit behind.
    And good god, what is it with her cheeks??!?

  4. Love d max…but not on her! She looks funny wid those sunglasses!! Besides, a clutch would have gone better wid d ensemble! Dun lik those “love” bracelet either!!! Too much goin on!
    P.S. And is dat a braid on top of her head!!?

  5. Haha,talk about rouging your cheeks! And in the wrong shade at that! She needed to take off a few accessories before she left the house, too.

  6. I am yet to see a single woman on whom the wayfarers look flattering. That’s one trend that should have been happily buried in the 80s.

  7. holy Crap 😮
    I dont know what to start with…
    it makes me feel like she threw everything she baought last week..
    I love accessorize myself with one (or max 2) statement making pieces and usually go minimal with accessories. and this one just makes me crazy….
    and the whole look make her look much older than she is and and 20 lb extra.

  8. Dress is lovely, I don’t hate the sunnies – but everrthing else is just plain wrong. The scarf tied to that over the top bag just kills me!!


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